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Because accidents happen

When a vehicle goes in for body repair, you need to feel confident that the repair is carried out to the highest standards so that the vehicle not only protects the lives of those on the road, but maintains the pre-crash integrity of the car.

When a car goes to a bodyshop that has the Kitemark for vehicle body repair, you can feel reassured that what ever the type of repair needed, whether it be cosmetic, a structural repair or involves aluminium and composite bonding, the quality will be as good as it was before the accident happened.

So what does the Kitemark® mean?

The Kitemark is one of the UK’s most respected certification marks and is well established and respected in the automotive sector. The Kitemark offers many benefits including:

  • Instant Recognition: Recent surveys found that over 91%* of the UK adult population recognise the Kitemark as a symbol of quality, safety and trust.
  • Service Quality: Kitemark certification is voluntary - so companies who achieve it are making a public committment to the quality of their repair.
  • Purchasing Confidence: Peace of mind that a garage’s work has been extensively assessed by BSI.
  • Ongoing Reassurance: To ensure continued compliance with the Kitemark standards, a BSI assessor regularly assesses the company throughout the year
Key features
  • Equipment: Suitable equipment is used to undertake the repairs.
  • Staff Training: Technicians must be properly trained and currently competent.
  • Inspection: Checks that the work has been completed to the required standard.
  • Material Quality: Checks to ensure all materials meet the required quality standards.

For more about Kitemark peace of mind, call 08450 765610 or visit

*GFK NOP Survey. Kitemark and the Kitemark logo are registered trademarks of BSI PS1138/0608