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Our Environmental Policy

Baldwins Repair Group acknowledges that it has many legal and moral obligations to minimise the environmental impact of its operations. Baldwins Repair Group intends to take all reasonable and practical steps to carry out these obligations in order to achieve and maintain a high standard of environmental performance.

All Baldwins Repair Group management and employees are responsible, individually and collectively, for complying with these obligations on behalf of the Baldwins Repair Group and for ensuring that our own procedures are adhered to in all aspects of the internal departments.

Baldwins Repair Group policy is to provide and maintain safe systems of work, to provide all necessary information, training and supervision. Baldwins Repair Group encourages two way communications on environmental matters.

Employees are reminded that they also have obligations in respect of Baldwins Repair Group environmental performance.

Baldwins Repair Group pledges to minimise the environmental impact of its operation by:
  • Adopting a sustainable approach to the environmental impact of our operations
  • Seeking to ensure that all our staff adopts environmental awareness and practices
  • Specifying the use of environment friendly (water-based) paint material products
  • Recycle, where reasonably practicable (Products used within our field)
  • Having a caring and responsible (can do attitude) approach towards the environment
  • Provide information in an open and factual manner on the environmental impact of our operations
‘The more polluted our Earth is, the more it costs to fix the mess’

Mr S Warner – Managing Director (Baldwins Repair Group) - 01/03/2017